How to Win at Roulette in a Casino Online

Take Each Spin As It Comes

Roulette is a game of chance, and in a casino online it’s somewhat easier to remember the outcome of each spin is a random number, and not all part of some great plan. Don’t be tempted to flounder around in some half-baked analysis of statistics – the wheel doesn’t go “hot” or “cold” and a particular number doesn’t become “due”.

What Are The Odds?

The fun in roulette is the choice of bets you can make every time the wheel spins, with different odds on offer. You can pick a single number, a pair or block of four.

The payback rate is mathematical for each of these, matching the number of winning numbers against the possible losing numbers. For a bet on four numbers, it’s 32 losing numbers against 4 possible winners, and so the odds are 8-1.

The return is 1-1 if you bet on odds or evens, low (1-18) or high (19-36), or red or black. For any of these choices, there are as many winning numbers on the wheel as there are losing ones.

When The House Wins

The game of roulette would be statistically even, except when the zero comes up; then and only then the house wins. American roulette doubles the chance of losing, however, with the addition of the losing 00 on the wheel.

European Roulette

This roulette variety without the 00 on the wheel is much more attractive. There’s just a single 0 where the house wins, so the chance of losing on the wheel is halved.

French Roulette

European roulette has a variation with even less chance of losing. With French roulette, if the zero comes up and you have placed a 1-1 bet and lost, then that stake is held “en prison” for the next turn of the wheel. There’s nothing bad about being in prison – in fact it can get you out of jail, as you get the stake back if the bet wins on the next spin. It’s not quite a win – but you don’t lose either, so this variation is worth seeking out.

There’s a less common version of French roulette called La Partage, where you only lose half of a 1-1 bet on the 0. Which one gives the roulette player the best chance? Debates and forum discussions are lively on this subject, but statistically they’re exactly the same.

Our Advice

Besides avoiding American roulette, playing the French variety and placing lots of 1-1 bets, we advise you to forget about betting systems – all have their flaws in reasoning, and you are statistically likely to lose more following a pattern than placing your bets in a rational way.

Play for pleasure, don’t try to make a profit out of roulette. French roulette has the house’s winning edge down to about 1%, so you can win a little one night, and lose a little another time, but small enough margins to keep the game a pleasure.

Choose your casino online based on whether it’s a pleasure to play roulette there. There are variations between casinos in raw payout rate, which are worth noting, but if you’re playing for pleasure it’s more important that it’s easy to withdraw and make other banking transactions. Reliability is important, and so is the overall experience: is it an enjoyable site to look at and spend time on?

Set limits before you start, and stick to them. Finish before a certain time, or before a limit of money is spent. If it ever stops being fun, and you’re getting irrationally frustrated, it’s time to call it a night.

Ideally, never let it get that far, and quit while you’re ahead. It may feel absurd to stop playing at the moment of an emotional high, but that feeling lasts much longer if you step away from the table or online casino, and you’ll feel great for doing so afterwards.